Fresh Prep 2021 Year in Review

A year of delicious recipes, new and exciting product launches and expansions, and smashing sustainability goals.

As another year draws to a close, we are planning for the future, but also reflecting on the events of 2021 — a year of joy, growth and innovation.

The year was full of fan-favourite recipes, new and exciting product launches and expansions, and smashing sustainability and zero waste goals. 

The highlights 

March – Zero Waste Kit launch

As a B Corporation, we wanted to design a meal kit that was not only convenient for customers, but would also positively impact the environment. After three years of development, we launched our Zero Waste Kit, a reusable container that greatly reduces the need for single-use plastics. In the last 9 months, we’ve delivered 743,138 meals in Zero Waste Kits – more than enough to feed the population of Vancouver proper. As a result of this, we’ve saved 7,283kg of plastic from landfill – about the weight of 15 adult male moose!

April – The first Fresh Prep newsletter hit inboxes 

The Fresh Prep monthly e-newsletter shares food insights and trends, cooking tips, Fresh Prep updates and behind the scenes stories, exclusive offers and contests.

May – Fresh Prep’s delivery fleet went carbon neutral 

Through our partnership with Onfleet, our last mile delivery management software, we became able to offset the impact of our fleet’s carbon dioxide emissions. With Onfleet, the CO2 impact of our delivery operations is calculated and we share costs to offset emissions by investing in Gold Standard, VCS, CAR and ACR verified nature conservancy projects such as reforestation and old forest protection.

August – We closed our Series B Funding

We reached a remarkable milestone in August, raising $21 million in Series B funding. This achievement was a demonstration of Investor belief in our product, team and mission. Our balance sheet is strong and we will continue to invest in building out our team, geographic expansion, product innovation and further zero waste-related automation. 

September – We expanded to Alberta

Albertans started cooking up delicious, restaurant quality meals at home when we expanded into the province in September. Supporting local industries and businesses in Alberta, our meal kits exclusively use Alberta-raised beef and our add-on offerings showcase beloved local businesses: MiniKitchen, Raw by Robyn, Pie Junkie, Mountain Rhino and Shef’s Fiery Kitchen.

October – The Fresh Prep Blog went live!

The Fresh Prep Blog was launched to provide compelling content for customers and foodies, including recipe hacks, educational cooking content and sustainability tips.

Your 2021 favourites

The top 3 new recipes you rated the most delicious

  1. Pulled Chicken Fajitas with Chipotle-Pineapple Sauce & Cheddar

Featuring a tangy chipotle-pineapple sauce, this recipe kicked 2021 dinner plans up a notch. A combo of sweetness, heat, and smokiness make this sauce the perfect accompaniment to a Mexican-inspired meal. Topped with refreshing lime crema, aged white cheddar, crunchy cabbage and lush cilantro, these fajitas are next level. In fact, Fresh Prep customers enjoyed this meal so much they ordered it 17,282 times – that’s around 1,200m2 of tortillas!

  1. Spicy Gochujang Korean Beef Bowl with Kimchi Mayo, Pickled Cucumbers & Rice

Gochujang brings the heat to this Korean-inspired bowl recipe starring sizzling ground beef, tangy kimchi and creamy kimchi aioli. With fresh, crisp pickled cucumbers and carrots and a good helping of steamed sticky rice, this recipe is balanced, flavourful and customers didn’t waste any time ordering.

  1. Chorizo & Sweet Potato Tacos with Pineapple Cilantro Lime Aioli & Salsa

These tasty tacos brought the flavour to dinner tables in 2021. Spicy chorizo sausage and tender sweet potatoes are met with fresh tomato salsa and a creamy and bright pineapple-lime-cilantro aioli, all tucked into warm flour tortillas.

The most-loved social post
Our Instagram followers were very excited to learn we launched in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer.

“Hey there, Alberta 👋 There’s a new Kit on the block!”

The blog post that left everyone’s taste buds wanting more

What is gustation and why is it important?”

Making delicious food is all about balancing 5 different tastes. At Fresh Prep, our culinary experts ensure the right balance of all five in every recipe. In this article, you’ll learn the importance of balance when it comes to the five tastes. As it turns out, everything you need to know about balancing flavours is already right on the tip of your tongue. Click through to read more.

The Add-on customers just couldn’t get enough of

Thai Peanut Crunch Salad – Everyone’s favourite salad is deliciously full of hearty greens, carrots, edamame, daikon, crispy onions and a dreamy peanut dressing.

And that’s a wrap!

Thank you for making our favourite moments of the year possible, and for being part of our incredible community.

Wishing you all the best for a wonderful 2022,

The Fresh Prep team

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