Power-up on plants with Fresh Prep’s vegan meal kits

Your plant-based cravings, solved. 

Eating a plant-based diet is one of many ways to reduce strain on the planet. Fresh Prep makes it easier for customers to eat plant-based with its vegan meal kit offerings.

Eating more plant-based foods drastically cuts your carbon footprint, saves water, and ensures vital crop resources are used more effectively. 

Eating plants also allows you your body to absorb the nutrients from food that support your immune system. And you don’t have to miss out – vegan meals can be delicious and nutritious.

At Fresh Prep, we try to include as much variety as possible in our vegan meal kits, while ensuring they are high in protein. Our favourite plant-powered proteins include tofu, tempeh, edamame, chickpeas and black beans. 

Sometimes the inspiration from a recipe comes from a dish that isn’t traditionally intended to be vegan. A little creativity goes a long way!

Our vegan meal kit service provides inspiration to those looking to incorporate more plant-based recipes into their routine.

Did you know

Plants yield ten times more protein per acre than meat.

Finding the right flavour

Two challenges we hear home cooks mention when creating their own vegan recipes are bringing umami flavours (savouriness) and creaminess to their dish. These flavours usually come more easily when using meat or dairy. Read more about Umami flavours.

Common ingredients for vegan umami include nutritional yeast, porcini mushroom powder, miso or vegetable-based stock cubes.

Housemade ingredients

We have searched high and low for a variety of top quality vegan ingredients. What we can’t source, we make ourselves!

For example, we make our own cashew cream with blended soaked cashews and water. This cream works well in vegan recipes in place of heavy dairy cream. Some other favourite ingredients in our vegan meal kits include vegan mayonnaise and locally-made coconut yogurt byYoggu.

We use meat alternatives too and recently added Gluten Free TMRW Ground and Big Mountain Cauli Crumble to our vegan meal kits. Both are so delicious, they will make you forget all about meat! 

Veganize at home 

We offer at least two 100% vegan recipes on our weekly menu. If you’re catering for a variety of tastes and dietary requirements, there are also ways to veganize our vegetarian meal kits, including:

  • Swap out butter for your favourite non-dairy butter alternative product. 
  • Switch shredded dairy cheese for plant-based shreds – we like the Daiya brand which is also local to Western Canada.
  • Swap out cream and milk for non-dairy milks or creamers.
  • Omit fried or boiled eggs and replace them with other plant proteins such as lentils, tofu or edamame. 

*Note that if you identify as a more beginner chef, we recommend sticking to the recipe and not making alterations for best results.

Power up with our plant-based recipes 

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