How to avoid dinner decision fatigue

Planning your meals ahead of time, also known as meal prep, not only allows you to keep your mind clear, but your pantry stocked.

If you know that nagging, late-afternoon panic of what to do for dinner, you’ve probably experienced decision fatigue. 

Did you know we’re faced with more than 200 decisions about food on a daily basis? Yep, decision fatigue is a real thing, folks. 

Maybe you find yourself scrolling through dozens of recipes on your phone, waiting for one to stand out. Overwhelmed, you randomly pick one without taking a close look at what’s involved. You end up at the grocery store frantically looking for ingredients, half of which go to waste at the end of the week. 

The benefits of meal prep

If this sounds all too familiar, we’re here to help. Planning your meals ahead of time, also known as meal prep, allows you to keep your mind clear and your pantry stocked.

The main benefits of meal prep are cutting down on needless decision-making and saving yourself a lot of stress, time, and money by adapting a meal plan to your weekly routine.

There are many ways to prepare meals, depending on your goals, schedule and meal preferences. In this article, we will explain how to start forming a new habit that will transform  your mealtimes from stressful to stress-free. 

Meal planning for the week: Mealtimes and “cooking up” breakfasts, lunches or dinners can become a real headache. Skip the stress with a weekly meal plan. With Fresh Prep’s fast, flexible, and flavourful weekly meal kit delivery, you can start enjoying easy-to-make recipes as well as prepared meals, salads, soups and healthy snacks to fill your week and your fridge with freshness.

Double up your dinner: Say goodbye to sad desk lunches; it’s time to reclaim the midday meal! Double up your dinner order to make lunches from leftovers. Fresh Prep meal kits mean you’ll never want to go back to that soggy sammie or boring soup. 

Extra proteins: Easily spruce up a salad or wrap with extra protein for a quick, nutritious lunch, or eat them on their own as a delicious snack to keep your energy levels up and your taste buds satisfied. With Fresh Prep, you can choose from many protein-packed options including souvlaki skewers, steelhead fillets, falafel, and a selection of vegan meats. 

Ready-to-cook ingredients: Make those boring cooking routines a thing of the past! With Fresh Prep, gone are the days spent worrying about what’s for dinner or hours spent chopping and preparing ingredients. Meal kit ingredients come pre-chopped and pre-portioned, and recipes are easy to follow.

Quick lunch: Rushed for time? Fresh Prep now offers quick meals suitable for any time of the day. Choose from healthy salads or pies, enchiladas and curries, quick heat and eat meals that can be ready in minutes. Weekday lunch has never looked so good! 

To help you get started on your meal prep journey, we’ve created a Fresh Prep meal prep guide to make every weeknight a breeze:

Meal prepping might take some getting used to, but it’s a step in the right direction towards a healthier and happier you. Though it may seem overwhelming at first, you can develop a sustainable meal planning habit that works for your unique lifestyle. You might even find that it becomes your new favourite habit.

Ready to give meal prep a shot? Your future self will thank you!

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