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How to pair wine with food — the Fresh Prep way

Friends enjoying a glass of wine together Friends enjoying a glass of wine together

There is only one thing better than a delicious meal — a delicious meal paired with the perfect wine. Whether red, white or rosé, those subtle tones, fruity aromas and bitter bruts can bring the right recipes to life. 

Here at Fresh Prep we know good food, but we want to bring you the complete mealtime experience. That is why we’ve teamed up with Paired Club, a local wine subscription service to help bring you the best wine pairings.

Take your mealtimes to another level and savour the perfect taste experience when you check out our expertly-curated food and wine pairings.

The only way is rosé

When it comes to tomato-based pasta dishes you can usually open just about any Italian red and odds are it will work. However, if you are looking for a lighter way to enjoy your pasta wine pairings this summer then why not give rosé a go? Pair our Turkey Scallopini Penne recipe with one of the Okanagan Valley’s local rosés, such as LaStella’s 2021 LaStellina or Poplar Grove’s 2021 vintage, and capture the Italian way of life.

Seafood + vino = a match made in heaven

We all want to know how best to pair wine with food but food and wine pairings can be complicated. For Fresh Prep recipes such as the Dynamite Shrimp Tacos, a crisp, off-dry prosecco like the Sorelle Bronca Extra Dry or the prosecco-inspired Efferevesence wine from Evolve Cellars can really help balance the heat.

Enjoy more sustainably sourced seafood this summer and help promote healthy oceans for future generations.

Keep it chill with wine and cheese night

Everyone loves a wine and cheese night but how do you know which wine pairings bring out the best from your blue cheese or cheddar? Typically you should pair your wine with a cheese that has a similar intensity, however, we have gone and made it even easier for you.

If you are looking for a versatile wine pairing that is available year-in and year-out then try an off-dry Riesling from Tantalus, one of BC’s first wine producers. The bright, vibrant acidity and chalky minerality pairs well with a wide range of cheeses making it the perfect pairing to our Cheese Board (available on our add-ons menu).

Alternatively, if you are feeling like celebrating then go ahead and treat yourself to some bubbly. Pierre Paillard’s “Les Parcelles” Grand Cru Extra Brut is another great option that can turn a cheese platter into a special night to remember. 

Whether you are a wannabe sommelier, or a casual drinker, Fresh Prep can help refine your pallet. Thanks to our partnership with Paired Club we are able to offer our customers an exclusive 10% off this sommelier-curated wine subscription using the code: FRESHSUMMER10.

Sign up today and enjoy the perfect food and wine pairings

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