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Food for thought: Reducing food waste through a sustainable meal kit, by Fresh Prep Co-Founder, Becky Brauer.

Food is a very unique and challenging industry when it comes to waste. 

When we started Fresh Prep five years ago, we knew there were two types of waste we’d have to tackle – food waste and packaging waste. Doing this in an industry with a pervasive single-use plastics problem wasn’t easy, but it was a challenge we were excited to face.

Our mission has and always will be to deliver quality and convenience, sustainably. This meant creating a circular economy, where all returnable items would be picked up, sanitized and reused. Cardboard boxes and disposable ice packs were never part of the equation.

In 2021, after three years of development and overhauling our entire production system, we launched our Zero Waste Kit. The kit is a convenient and sustainable solution to meal kit waste.

Cardboard boxes and disposable ice packs were never part of the equation

Gone are the days of finding mouldy sprigs of cilantro in the fridge – customers are delivered only the ingredients they’re going to eat in a reusable kit that keeps ingredients fresh, ensuring nothing needs to be thrown away.

We’re excited for you to join us on our journey to sustainability in the meal kit industry. 

Together, we can make a difference. 

Becky Brauer, Fresh Prep Co-Founder 

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