How to dine Al Fresco flawlessly

From flavorful veg to classic chicken skewers, read on for a list of backyard grilling ideas sure to please whoever’s coming over.

Get your Spotify playlists sorted because it’s officially warm enough for al fresco dining. Hooray!

From zingy salads to tasty barbecue bites, food eaten outside somehow always tastes that little bit more delicious.

Transport your dining table to the great outdoors with some easy cooking, easy sharing dishes and sides to enjoy in the sunshine.

Go al fresco flawlessly with the following tips:

Go seasonal. Fill plates with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Springtime is beautiful, so eat it!

Sharing is caring. Have lots of little picky sides and sharers rather than one big dish. That way, everyone can enjoy everything.

Keep it simple. Choose meals that you can easily prepare ahead of time, so you can maximise your time spent outside.

Offer something for everyone. Make sure you have a selection of proteins, veggie dishes and snacks that take into account any dietary requirements or allergies and keep them separate or label them to make it easier for everyone to dig in and enjoy. See below for some tips on how to keep the BBQ kid friendly.

Top 5 summer ready Add-ons

Pour a drink, dust off that grill, and invite your mates over for a BBQ. Relearning how to socialize is far less awkward when you have a grilling spatula in your hand, we promise.

Did you know that alongside our meal kits, we now offer over 90 convenient and summer ready Add-on options including quick meals, salads, soups and healthy snacks, all perfect for those summer fresco dining evenings?

From flavorful veg to classic chicken skewers, read on for a list of backyard grilling ideas sure to please whoever’s coming over. Consider this your summer grilling bucket list.

1. Roasting Potato Shaker – The perfect summer BBQ side, flavoured with garlic and topped with crispy onions.

2. Grilling Vegetable Mix – Easily toss together and grill zucchini, asparagus, mushroom, bell pepper and red onion. The perfect side, a great main course, and fabulous leftovers!

3. Berry Spinach Salad  – Elevate your lunch or dinner with this sweet and savoury spinach and blueberry salad topped with goat cheese, maple cashews, and mint.

4. Lamb Souvlaki & Chicken Souvlaki Skewers – Tasty marinated skewers, best enjoyed hot off the grill.

5. Very Good Butchers Smokin’ Bangers & Very Good Burgers – Where there’s smoke there’s fire and these vegan bangers and burgers are lit!

Have more fun in the sun with delicious dishes that will brighten up your day! With no prep required, enjoy our range of grillable Add-ons at the park, while camping, or out on your patio for a convenient meal no matter where you are this summer.

Visit our Add-ons Menu to plan your next culinary adventure this summer.

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