Fresh Prep and Ocean Wise: A Partnership for the Planet

Ocean Wise, a pioneering force in ocean conservation, is on a mission to combat overfishing by partnering with businesses and consumers to identify and promote sustainable seafood options. 

Sustainable seafood practices are crucial to ensure that we protect our oceans and preserve marine life for future generations, and Fresh Prep is proud to align with this vision through our collaboration with Ocean Wise.

Working Together for a Sustainable Tomorrow

88% of seafood harvested globally is meant for human consumption, which means everyday decisions have a huge impact on the health of our oceans. 

Look for the Ocean Wise Symbol
This symbol means the Ocean Wise team has verified the seafood you’re choosing is a sustainable and responsible option for the health of our oceans.

Did you know: In the past year, Fresh Prep delivered almost 300,000 meal kits containing Ocean Wise Recommended seafood.

Elevating Seafood Labeling Standards Beyond the Basics

At Fresh Prep, we recognize that transparency is crucial for consumers to make sustainable choices. That’s why we’re voluntarily raising seafood labeling standards beyond Canada’s minimum requirements.

When browsing our online menu, you can easily identify
Ocean Wise certified items by looking for the Ocean Wise symbol alongside information like the species common name, catch or farm location, and harvesting or farming methods. This commitment to transparency empowers you to make choices in line with your values.

Here are some of our Ocean Wise Recommended products and their key details:

Navigating the world of sustainable seafood can be complex and challenging. Fortunately, Ocean Wise simplifies this process, making it easy for people to make informed and conscious decisions. We’re delighted to be a longstanding partner of their Sustainable Seafood Program, bringing you menu options you can feel good about. To learn more about Ocean Wise, visit their website at

Fresh Prep’s powerful partnership with Food Stash Foundation

Fresh Prep is committed to helping combat climate change and a supporting a more sustainable future for all.

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