New Chef Collab: Fresh Prep X Cafe Medina 

We’ve partnered with Vancouver’s beloved brunch spot, Café Medina, to bring you two limited-time meal kits.

Designed image with both meal collaboration recipes, the couscous salad and harissa pita burger, with the Fresh prep and Cafe Medina logos in the centre. Designed image with both meal collaboration recipes, the couscous salad and harissa pita burger, with the Fresh prep and Cafe Medina logos in the centre.

We’re thrilled to unveil our exciting new collaboration with Vancouver’s beloved Café Medina. Renowned for its exceptional breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch offerings, Café Medina has become a go-to destination in downtown Vancouver.

Together, we have combined our culinary expertise to bring you two mouth-watering Mediterranean-inspired dishes transformed into convenient Fresh Prep meal kits. Now, you can savour the flavours of Café Medina in the comfort of your own home, with each meal taking just about 30 minutes to prepare.

At Fresh Prep, we are committed to providing high-quality, wholesome food, which makes our partnership with Café Medina a natural fit. Their captivating flavours have captured the hearts of Vancouver locals and visitors alike.

The two Café Medina collaboration meal kits can be found on our Add-Ons Menu until August 16th. Each 2-serving recipe is just $31.90. These meal kits are exclusive to Fresh Prep customers, so if you haven’t signed up yet, take advantage of this limited-time opportunity before it’s too late.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Robbie Kane, the owner of Café Medina, to chat about the inspiration and story behind these delicious collaboration meal kits.

What is the story behind Café Medina? 

Café Medina was born from a desire to provide sustenance. We wanted to revolutionize the brunch scene in Vancouver. Back in 2007, the options were limited to greasy spoons and hotel buffets. As hospitality professionals who worked most nights we wanted to create a daytime space that we would love to go to during our time off. 

I was working for Vancouver’s iconic restaurant, Chambar, when Karri and Nico, the owners, had the opportunity to lease the space at 556 Beatty. They approached me with the idea to partner in a daytime café, and I jumped onboard. 

Contrary to popular belief, the café isn’t named after my wife, Medina. After lengthy debates and disagreements over the original chosen name, I made a last-minute decision to change it to Medina. I had a friend with the last name Medina, but it also held connotations of a radiant or enlightened city and being the centre or marketplace in Morocco. 

Two weeks later a lovely woman walked in and introduced herself as Medina, and the rest, as they say, is history…

Why did you want to partner with Fresh Prep?

As food-enthusiasts, we love that Fresh Prep makes cooking fun and simple and quality food accessible.  They share our values in providing wholesome, delicious food and giving back to the community. 

Fresh Prep has a strong and respected following.  We saw the success they had with our colleagues over at Anh and Chi so when we were approached it seemed like a great fit for us.

Tell us about the collaboration recipes. What is the inspiration behind them? 

Harissa Beef Pita Burgers with fried egg, hummus & fresh salsa.
The Harissa Burger was born from a desire to provide a burger that fit into our genre and flavour profile. We wanted it to showcase all of the flavours that encompass our menu. Fresh Prep helped tailor the recipe so that it works for the home cook.  We were really happy with the results as you can see from the cook-along video we created together. 

Couscous & Halloumi Salad with hummus, golden beets & orange blossom dressing.
As for the Couscous Salad, we wanted to have a recipe for the season, something light and summery, and everyone loves halloumi.

4. Can you tell us about some of the unique ingredients or flavours that are featured in the collaboration meal kit?

Harissa, aleppo, za’atar, halloumi and preserved lemon are but a few of the staple items found in Middle Eastern cooking.  We try to incorporate them throughout our menu.

5. How did you go about creating these kits so they are easy for people to make at home?

When it came to creating these kits for easy home preparation, we collaborated closely with Fresh Prep. We shared our original recipes with them and they simplified the process while working with us to ensure that the flavours remained intact and true to the essence of our café. Our goal was to strike the perfect balance, allowing people to enjoy the same taste in the comfort of their own homes.

Head to our Add-Ons Menu to order the Harissa Beef Pita Burgers or Couscous & Halloumi Salad. This offer is exclusive to Fresh Prep customers, so if you haven’t signed up yet, click the button below to enjoy these limited time Café Medina collaboration meal kits, plus our amazing weekly recipes, salads and more.

For a limited time, save $90 across your first three orders.*

Click on the button below to claim this limited-time offer.

Visit Cafe Medina at 780 Richards St (between Robson & Georgia) Library District, Vancouver, BC V6B 3A4

*Limited-time offer. Valid only for new Fresh Prep customers. Offer ends August 16, 2023 at 11:59 pm PT. Total value of discount is $90 distributed over 3 orders as follows: $35 off order 1, $30 off order 2, $25 off order 3. Limit one redemption per household. Upon redemption, you will be enrolled in an auto-renewing subscription which you may cancel at any time, in accordance with our  terms and conditions.

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