How Fresh Prep aims to support food security in Alberta

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Leftovers Foundation volunteer loading a car with food Leftovers Foundation volunteer loading a car with food

Here at Fresh Prep we like to think we offer more than just quality food made convenient. Ever since our sustainable meal kit service hit the market in British Columbia and Alberta, it has been our goal to bring people together through food and community. By working with the Leftovers Foundation we want to take our community involvement to the next level and make a difference this holiday season.

The Leftover Foundation is one of Canada’s largest food rescue charities. They aim to reduce food waste, reshape our communities and help ensure food security throughout Canada. Therefore we have joined forces with the Leftovers Foundation to ensure that any of our food that doesn’t make it in your meal kits goes to vulnerable members of society.

By partnering with a community food security organization we aim to support a fair food system and be part of the solution.

How the Leftovers Foundation is reshaping our community

Food security is defined by having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Unfortunately, recent studies have found that Alberta has the highest rate of food insecurity, with more than 20% of Albertans experiencing food insecurity.

The Leftovers Foundation work towards making positive changes within our food system and help ensure that households receive the food and sustenance that they need. By working with volunteers, donors and services agencies across Alberta, the Leftovers Foundation is able to rescue potentially wasted food and redirect it to those who need it.

“The food donations from Food Rescue have helped our families, our students, and our community. We are grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful cause and to normalize accepting help and reducing waste.”

–  A. Matos, Service Agency Partner

Fresh Prep joins the food rescue initiative

Fresh Prep might be fairly new to Alberta but we already want to make a difference through community involvement. We aren’t just providing delicious meal kits to the province, we are partnering the Leftover Foundation to promote food security through food rescue.

Already our collaboration with the Leftovers Foundation has meant that we have been able to provide an equivalent of around 59,000 meals to people in need. That’s not all, through this collaboration, Fresh Prep and the Leftovers Foundation have been able to divert about 8,800 lbs of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. We really do love food and hate waste.

These numbers are great but we know, with your help, we can do better, and when better to set new targets than during the season of giving. You can do your part this holiday season simply by signing up for our meal kit service and supporting our holiday initiative.

Enjoy a holiday menu for you and your community

Community and convenience now go hand in hand thanks to Fresh Prep and our holiday initiative. We know how prepping that festive feast can be an ordeal, and that’s why we have come up with our holiday menu options. Better yet, you will contribute to your community with every festive meal you order. 

Confused? It couldn’t be simpler — for every Roast Turkey Dinner, or NY Striploin Roast Dinner sold, Fresh Prep will donate the equivalent of 2 meals, to the food insecure. With your support we will donate up to 8,750 meals through our Fresh Prep partners, like the Leftovers Foundation. With your help our meal kits will make a difference this holiday season.

Bringing people together through good food and community is exactly what the festive season and Fresh Prep is all about. Food security isn’t just top of our Christmas list, we want to continue making a difference well into 2023 and beyond, and for that we need your help.

Sign up and give the gift of good food.

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