Get grilling this Father’s Day

Knock dad’s socks off with a no-prep fresh feast

With Father’s Day fast approaching it’s time to think about what to cook for dad.  Whether your dad is a gourmet chef or a BBQ master, why not fire up something delicious to eat this year? 

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Fresh Prep’s top 6 burger toppings … because life’s too short to settle for just ketchup and mustard.

The burger is classic BBQ fare you’ll no doubt be grilling up this Father’s Day, but classic doesn’t have to mean boring.   

While there’s nothing wrong with good old-fashioned lettuce, tomato, and onion, the possibilities are endless when you consider the ingredients you add right into the patty and the wide variety of potential toppings. 

The best burger toppings will take your patties to the next level. 

Below are 6 of our favourite burgers available on our menu and their showstopping toppings:

  1. Creamy Feta Sauce (from Lamb Burgers):

Creamy and tangy yogurt and mayonnaise based sauce with lots of dill helps to cut through the rich and fatty lamb burger.

Tip: Make this sauce easily at home with equal parts Greek yogurt and mayo, a teaspoon of granulated garlic, chopped dill to taste, and a generous amount of feta. 

  1. Kimchi-Mayo (from Bulgogi Burger):

Spicy, salty, colourful, and sour. Kimchi is quite a unique ingredient, and is a staple in Korean cooking. Mixing with mayo adds richness, creaminess, and a bit of acid to counter the fattyness of the beef burger. Also reinforces the Korean theme.

  1. Havarti Cheese:

Buttery and slightly acidic. Melts really well on the burger, and envelops the burger, making it even more indulgent/decadent.

  1. Lettuce:

Any lettuce (iceberg, romaine) or salad green (arugula, spring mix, spinach) on a burger serves 2 purposes:

1. Adds a fresh, healthy element to the burger, again to counter the fattiness from the meat.

2. Helps to protect the bun from getting too soggy from the meat drippings.

Tip: Iceberg is the crunchiest lettuce you can put in a burger, creating a great texture and temperature contrast, however, romaine lettuce is healthier than iceberg. The romaine lettuce variety has a high nutritional value and might be a favorite for those who want to get their vitamins and minerals even when eating a burger. Romaine lettuce will also add some crunch to the burger. 

  1. Pickles and Raw Onions:

Full of flavour and a fresh acidic bite, pickles and raw onions add a slight crunch.

Tip: For quick pickles, a basic brine is equal parts vinegar and water, but you can adjust the ratio to your preference.

  1. Brioche Buns:

We like brioche buns for their buttery flavour. They also toast really nicely, yielding a light crispy toasted surface, whilst maintaining a soft, plush interior. The perfect balance of contrasting textures that works well with lots of burgers and toppings.

4 Grilling tips you wish you knew sooner 

  1. Squeeze your burgers. To avoid burgers getting too thick in the middle, pinch the centre of your burger with your fingers or a spoon to create a little indent. 
  2. Take food off the heat early. Much like baking, your food keeps cooking after you take it off the heat. Avoid overcooking your feast by taking the food off the grill a minute or two before you think it’s ready.
  3. Don’t be shy about the seasoning. Remember to add a little extra seasoning than you normally would, as most of it will fall off as it cooks.
  4. Don’t let veg slip through the cracks. Prevent your veggies from slipping into the cracks of your cooking grates and use a cast iron skillet instead to sauté your veggies on the grill. You can use this method to cook everything from onions to asparagus to mushrooms on the grill without worrying about losing half of them in the process. 

Knock dad’s socks off

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