Top 10 easy recipes to cook at home

Take the stress out of dinner time with these simple yet delicious recipes

Standing, staring into the fridge, wondering what you can whip up—that everyone will enjoy, won’t take hours and create an endless pile of dirty dishes? We’ve all been there. 

Read on to discover our top-ranking, one-pan recipes that make weeknight cooking a breeze—made easier with fewer ingredients, cooking steps, or minimal prep.

  1. Tuna Poke Bowl – This recipe requires minimal cooking, the tuna only gets marinated, and minimal chopping. 
  2. Korean Pork Taco – Multiple elements and outstanding flavours come together in this minimal-prep meal.
  3. Peanut Dukkah Roasted Veg Plate – Most of the vegetables are roasted on a single sheet pan, while you prepare rice with a simple (but really flavourful) herb sauce, pre-made hummus and pre-chopped vegetables. 
  4. Spicy Red Thai Chicken Curry – Simple and delicious, the vegetables and chicken are all cooked in the same pot after a little bit of chopping.
  5. Spicy Chorizo Penne – This recipe has really minimal prep – the only chopping you do is a rough chop of spinach and basil leaves, then bake in a single ovenproof skillet.
  6. Fire-Roasted Tomato Tortilla Soup – All you need is a pot and a skillet and the only chopping you do is the avocado and lime.
  7. Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup – This is a one pan recipe and it doesn’t even need a kitchen knife. Just tear the mushrooms and basil with your hands and throw everything together in one pot.
  8. Salmon in Balsamic Cream Sauce – Both the salmon and vegetables in this recipe bake together on the same sheet pan. The only chopping you do is a quick trim of the green beans and parsley leaves. 
  9. Seared Steelhead & Avocado Salad – Cook both the corn and the salmon together in the same skillet. Our house-made sauces and spice blends mean there’s fewer bowls to clean and less waste.
  10. Top Sirloin Steak Diane – No bowls are needed in this recipe as everything comes together with one skillet and one baking sheet. Our house-made spice and sauce blends also make it so that you aren’t doing any finicky measuring

Fresh Tip

We try to provide at least 3 simple and easy-to-make recipes every week.

Spotlight recipe: Korean Pork Tacos

Korean Pork Tacos is one of our top-rated recipes, and as a bonus, it’s pretty simple to make.

  • The pork in this recipe comes pre-sliced, and our marinade ingredients are pre-measured so all you need to do is toss them in a bowl together. 
  • Add the marinade and pork to the pan together – simple and less messy. 
  • We minimize the need for chopping in this recipe by sending cabbage and carrots pre-chopped and a premixed dressing blend to allow for easy incorporation.   

How to minimize cooking and cleaning time 

All of Fresh Prep’s recipes can be on your table within 30 minutes, but how do you simplify your home cooking?

Cook in one pot 

Choose meals that can be prepared in one pot. Pressure cookers dramatically shorten cooking time. 

Choose recipes with 10 or less ingredients 

Delicious meals don’t need a multitude of ingredients. Instead, opt for meals with fewer ingredients so you spend less time preparing and tidying up. 

Have a chopping party 

Invite your partner or the kids to help out, and set aside a chunk of time to chop all of your veggies at once. Store your sliced ingredients in containers in the fridge for freshness. 

Keep the compost bin nearby 

Place the compost bin on the countertop near where you’re chopping so you don’t need to walk back and forth and can minimize mess too. 

The convenience factor

Whether a recipe is easy-rated or more advanced, we try to ensure every meal we offer is a simple to cook as possible.

For example, all Fresh Prep recipes are made easier by: 

  • Minimizing the amount of chopping or slicing by sending pre chopped ingredients. 
  • Creating spice mixes and sauce blends that are pre-portioned, minimizing the amount of waste and the number of bowls you dirty.
  • Minimizing the number of steps and hands-on preparation.

When possible, our meals are packed in Zero Waste Kits with pre-cut and pre-portioned ingredients in an easy-to-use tray designed to prevent spillage. Simply grab the cups and easily pour the ingredients into the recipe as you go, meaning you spend less time cutting open plastic sachets. Use the ingredient cups as measuring cups or mixing bowls, reducing the number of dishes to clean.

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