Top tips to elevate Mother’s Day 

Looking for fresh ways to elevate Mother’s Day? Look no further. 

Mother's Day Mother's Day

Looking for some inspiration on how to elevate Mother’s Day? We’ve rounded up the best ideas to suit every type of mom (or any superstar in your life) and show them a little extra comfort, love, and recognition:

  1. Make breakfast in bed 

There’s nothing more luxurious than lazing about under the covers as breakfast comes to you. Whip up one of Mom’s favourites – something indulgent like pancakes with berries and ice cream, eggs benedict, or bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, perhaps with even a cheeky glass of prosecco. 

  1. Go to a class together – or do one virtually 

When you’re a mom, “me-time” is basically a non-starter, but not today. Start her day with a zen yoga class in the local park, or if you don’t live near each other, why not partake in a virtual yoga class together? It’s the perfect way to share some quality time, not to mention a great way to earn an indulgent breakfast after class. 

  1. Bake up a storm

Whip up a family favourite or try a brand new baking recipe. While mom gets to enjoy the fruit of your labour, the rest of the family can enjoy your delicious homemade treats.

Elevate Mother’s Day with Fresh Prep

After a hectic day, what mom really has the time and energy to figure out what to make for dinner or trudge down busy grocery aisles with kids in tow? 

This year, elevate Mothers’ Day with a convenient, restaurant-quality meal at home, ready in under 30 minutes. 

With Fresh Prep, gone are the days of spending long hours in the kitchen. Cooking and cleaning are easy with our pre-cut and pre-portioned ingredients, meaning you can spend less time cooking and more time with your family this Mother’s Day. 

With 10 recipes to select from each week, plus a variety of delicious and convenient prepared meals, snacks and sides, fill your fridge with freshness and elevate your cooking routine with a Fresh Prep order this Mother’s Day.

Here are 4 upcoming Fresh Prep meal kit delivery service recipes to allow you to create the best Mother’s Day meal at home:

Spanish Tapas Platter with Garlic Shrimp & Patatas Bravas

A new staff favourite we can bet you’ll love – this salad hits all of the right notes. A bed of tender spring greens, seared chicken breast and crispy chickpeas, tossed in a smoky almond red pepper romesco sauce with diced dates, feta and buttery castelvetrano olives. The taste of Spain brought to your dinner table in under 30 minutes.

Seared Steak & Horseradish

Steakhouse quality, prepared at your house. Seared top sirloin steak seasoned with a horseradish-mustard-rosemary sauce and a delicate apricot demi-glace. Accompanied by roasted potatoes and blanched green beans, this steak recipe is sure to impress but ease the stress this Mother’s Day. 

Indonesian Tofu Gado Gado

Gado Gado translates to “mix mix”. Our take on this well-known Indonesian salad is a perfect mixture of tender tofu, Yukon gold potatoes, green beans, refreshing cucumbers and boiled eggs with perfectly runny yolks. Finished with aromatic Thai basil and cilantro and a spiced-to-taste peanut sauce, this hearty warm salad is sure to elevate your Mother’s Day. 

Black Bean Tacos

Lightly mashed, tender black beans stewed in a savoury spice blend then layered onto corn tortillas with creamy avocado, quick-pickled radishes and fresh salsa. Sure to be a family-pleaser for a Mother’s Day fiesta.

Meet the moms of Fresh Prep

Let’s take a moment to honour our caring, loving and selfless mothers and mother figures. 

We’d like to take the opportunity to introduce some of the moms at Fresh Prep who help make our meal kit delivery service amazing. 

We sure wouldn’t be where we are without the rockstar moms we have working here: 

Top – Jessica Palmer – Senior Visual Designer – Vancouver
Left- Sharyn Dela Cruz – Quality Assurance Manager – Calgary
Right – Kate Power – Deliveries Coordinator – Vancouver Island

Describe your ideal Mother’s Day 

Jess – “My daughter sleeping in past 8, brunch with all my mom friends and their kids. A hike up the Stawamus Chief together (with no complaining) and a Fresh Prep treat and beverage at the peak! Dinner made for me and a clean kitchen after! Yep, that sounds pretty perfect.”

Kate – “My ideal Mother’s Day is spending time with my son and my mom, possibly driving up the island and getting brunch.

Sharyn – “Start the day with breakfast in bed and spend the afternoon having a picnic in the park, then finish it off with a glass of wine over a delicious home cooked meal.” 

What recipe will your family be cooking up this Mother’s Day? 

Jess – Currently my favourite is Honey Sriracha Salmon Tacos, so probably that. It’s kid friendly and SO YUM!

Kate – “I probably won’t be cooking on Mother’s Day as Sunday is my busiest work day, but if I was, I’d probably be making the Lamb Biryani as it’s one of our favourites.”

Sharyn – “We love pasta and pizza so if I have all the ingredients, I would like to prepare Fresh Prep’s Cheesy Baked Chicken Tortellini and Fresh Prep’s BBQ Chicken Pizza.  My daughter loved them the first time she tasted them so we often recreate them at home.”

Treat yourself or that Mother figure in your life. 

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