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Fresh Prep kicks off relationship with local environmental non-profits

A bull moose in Alberta's Jasper National Park A bull moose in Alberta's Jasper National Park

As a Certified B Corporation and values-based  business, Fresh Prep plays a role in inspiring individuals and organizations to live and work sustainably. 

This April, to celebrate Earth Month, we have launched partnerships with Alberta Ecotrust Foundation and BC’s Raincoast Conservation Foundation with the goal of protecting our environment and communities, creating a better place for us all to live. 

Supporting local nonprofits gives us the opportunity to see and understand environmental issues affecting our communities and be a force for positive change.

The Raincoast Conservation Foundation 

Raincoast is a team of scientists and conservationists empowered by their research to safeguard the land, waters, and wildlife of coastal British Columbia. 

Our partnership with Raincoast involves donations to aid its Healthy Waters program which works to protect sea life and its habitats by reducing plastic waste. 

Through this program, the nonprofit works with Indigenous communities and organizational partners to build a community-oriented water pollution monitoring capacity that provides insight into the quality of water for homes and for the habitats of salmon and whales. 

With 80% of ocean pollution coming from land, we believe the work the Raincoast Foundation does to protect the oceans surrounding our province is vital and complements our efforts to minimize plastic waste through sustainable packaging solutions such as our  industry-first reusable meal kit containers. 

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Alberta Ecotrust

Alberta Ecotrust Foundation leads urban climate change action and provides funding for water protection, land use and climate change projects across Alberta. 

Our partnership with Alberta Ecotrust Foundation helps the organization address pressing environmental challenges and speak up for Albertans who value clean water, healthy habitat and action on climate change. 

“Environmental challenges are complex and at Alberta Ecotrust we know no one can solve them alone. That is why we engage in partnerships with companies like Fresh Prep that value sustainability and community leadership. These partnerships are a shared opportunity to build awareness in communities about both the individual and collective actions we can take to reduce waste, conserve biodiversity and address climate change. When we work together, we can deepen our impact on the environmental and social challenges we face.” 

– Rod Ruff, Vice President, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation.

How you can help 

This Earth Month, we’re inviting you to celebrate with us and also asking for your help. 

Share Fresh Prep’s Earth Month socal posts with hashtag #FreshPrepEarthMonth, and we’ll donate $1 to Alberta Ecotrust Foundation and Raincoast Conservation Foundation.  

Also, with every successful customer referral made in April, we will donate $10 to the above organizations. Simply sign up and invite a friend along too! 

In May, we’ll start donating proceeds from certain items on our menu to these organizations as well.

Fresh Prep is Canada’s most sustainable meal kit – what to know why? 

  • We deliver in reusable cooler bags and pick up any soft plastics in our meal kits from customers for responsible recycling through our local partners. 
  • We package many of our meals in Zero Waste Kits, reusable meal kit containers, that save 19g of plastic waste with each use in comparison with standard meal kits.
  • 50% of the recipes we offer each week are vegan or vegetarian, and our seafood is sustainably sourced (either Ocean Wise Recommended or MSC Certified).
  • We prioritize sourcing ingredients and goods locally to reduce the distance they travel, lowering our carbon footprint and resulting in better tasting food you can feel good about. 

Food waste

Alarmingly, around 40% of food produced is wasted or lost in BC. Our meal kits come with pre-portioned ingredients that are not only easier to cook, but mean you don’t have to worry about vegetables or sauces expiring in your fridge. 

We also work with Vancouver Food Runners, a registered Canadian charity fighting food insecurity, to redirect any surplus food we have to people, not landfills. The food is used to make meals for not-for-profit organizations. In 2021 Fresh Prep donated the equivalent of 47,847 meals for the food insecure. 

Delivery Fleet 

Our in-house delivery fleet facilitates our circular economy, dropping off and picking up reusable packaging from customers.

Through a partnership with Onfleet, our last mile delivery management software, we offset the impact of our fleet’s carbon dioxide emissions. With Onfleet, the CO2 impact of our delivery operations is calculated and we share costs to offset emissions by investing in Gold Standard, VCS, CAR and ACR verified nature conservancy projects such as reforestation and old forest protection.

Nurturing the future 

We’ve heard time and time again about how individuals need to do more to address waste; the reality is businesses need to innovate to enable the solutions that consumers are increasingly demanding.

At Fresh Prep, we believe that sustainability in business is needed to protect our environment, and that every business – big or small – has a responsibility to help tackle the climate crisis. It’s why we set out to create a circular economy. 

Try Canada’s most sustainable meal kit today!

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