The holiday festivities are over and there’s still so much food. You have two options: throw away the scraps (noo, don’t do it!) or get creative and transform your leftovers into delicious future meals. 

Transform your holiday leftovers

Get creative in the kitchen and save food waste with these leftover recipe tips 

Tuck in to Turkey soup 

A big turkey dinner means turkey soup is on deck! Use up leftover turkey in a warming turkey noodle soup to enjoy for days. As well as being delicious, this is also a recipe you can make easily with one pot, because let’s be honest, who wants to wash more dishes? 

Turkey soup on Boxing Day is the go-to for Fresh Prep Co-Founder Becky Brauer: “My mom always makes a HUGE batch of turkey soup and it’s the greatest thing. I also make sandwiches with turkey, cranberry mayo and some fresh veggies.”

Chris Asuncion, Fresh Prep’s Junior Recipe Developer makes stock from the bones and freezes it.  “From there I can make turkey noodle soup, pho, and ramen.

“If there are leftover mashed potatoes I make potato soup, add some leeks, and use some of the turkey stock.” 

The ultimate sandwich 

What’s especially fun about holiday meal leftovers is the way you can remix your dishes in new ways, like into sandwiches. 

Amy Mastrofini, our Recipe Development Manager turns “any leftover cranberry sauce, turkey and brie (or any cheese leftover from charcuterie) into a panini or wrap. Sometimes I’ll dip it in egg for a monte cristo style grilled cheese.” 

Haley Parrent, Fresh Prep’s Product Owner for Meal Kits also uses leftover turkey to make scrumptious sandwiches. “I make go-to turkey sandwiches with toasted sourdough, turkey, pesto, bacon, cranberry sauce and spinach.”

Holiday Brunch feast

While they’re easy enough to enjoy as lunch, leftovers can be revamped into breakfast or brunch too. Why not add them to a one-pan Middle Eastern-style shakshuka dish? A simple breakfast burrito? You’ll see last night’s dinner in a whole new morning light! 

 “I love to make a frittata or omelette with leftover roasted veggies and potatoes,” says Andraya Avison, our Junior Recipe Developer. 

Make merry memories with our NEW Holiday Favourites and seasonal Add-ons – before it’s too late!

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