Meal Kit delivery now in Alberta

Meal kit delivery in Alberta Meal kit delivery in Alberta

Fresh Prep, Canada’s most sustainable meal kit delivery is now available in Alberta. Fresh Prep is a fast-growing BC-born meal kit delivery service that exists to deliver convenient and sustainable solutions to everyday food challenges. 

Founded in 2015  by childhood friends Becky Brauer, Dhruv Sood and Husein Rahemtulla, this meal kit delivery service makes cooking easy by delivering pre-cut, pre-portioned ingredients to prepare fresh, quick and healthy meals to your door.

When our Co-Founders started our meal kit delivery service, they had a mission: to provide a sustainable and convenient solution to meal preparation. The company grew from height to height, recently completing its most recent round of funding for a total of $21 million in Series B funding, with plans to expand to new regions in Canada.

Today, we are a pioneer in the local, sustainably sourced meal kit movement. 

With a focus on sustainability, ingredients are delivered in reusable cooler bags with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. Meals are affordable, diverse, and fit the needs of individuals, couples or families. 

Our meal kit delivery service is currently offered in over 20 municipalities throughout the Lower Mainland, the Okanagan, and Vancouver Island, and now, our meal kit delivery will expand to Alberta, where we will continue to deliver meal kits made with love for food and the local community. 

Local meal kit delivery service

From the very beginning – what resonated with our customers was our local strategy, and how we aim to support the local economy as much as possible. 

Sustainability starts with our suppliers; and we support those who use environmentally sound practices. Many of the suppliers we work with are locally based, which means food is far fresher, and travels fewer kilometres to arrive at the homes of its customers. 

As part of our meal kit delivery in Alberta, we will use only Alberta beef in all our beef recipes and will offer a growing number of Add-on products from local Alberta businesses on our Add-ons menu. 

We currently employ over 300 people and growing across Canada. With our meal kit delivery in Alberta, we will begin hiring to fill jobs in our new Calgary production facility and hiring locally – drivers, operations staff, which will circulate back into the local economy, and have a positive economic impact across the region.

Whether through the food we source locally or through hiring local workers to join our ever-growing team, supporting local and working within the community really matters to us. We are a Western Canadian based meal kit delivery service, and proud of that. 

More than meal kit delivery in Alberta 

Our Add-ons menu provides locally-sourced options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacktime and dessert to enjoy alongside your meal kit delivery. Customers can order locally-sourced Add-ons alongside a selection of exclusive Fresh Prep items such as marinated proteins, simple sides, salads and soups and indulge in convenient Add-ons anytime, anywhere! Some of the Add-on products include: delicious pies from Pie Junkie and fresh juices and smoothies from Raw by Robyn.  Every item on the Add-ons menu as part of our meal kit delivery in Alberta is created by our culinary team or curated from local Albertan suppliers, including: 

  • Eat Turmeric 
  • Pie Junkie 
  • Shef’s Fiery Kitchen 
  • Lady Bug Cafe 
  • Mini Kitchen
  • Mountain Rhino
  • Raw by Robyn 

Delivered in our signature reusable and insulated cooler bags, all parts of our revolutionary Zero Waste Kit are dishwasher safe and made with BPA-free reusable plastic and silicon parts. Our talented engineering team spent three years researching, developing, engineering, and investing ahead of launching the kit — to ultimately reduce barriers to sustainability in the food delivery service sector and in our meal kit delivery service. 

Meals delivered in the Zero Waste Kit have no additional charge for the customer compared with meals in non-zero waste packaging, despite the increased cost we take on. Innovating in this way is an example of a cost we are willing to take on as a responsible and sustainable business.

Through our recycling program, we were able to divert over 100,000 kg of single-use plastic from landfills in 2019. 

In the climate crisis we are in, we must embrace innovative sustainable solutions and given our unique offering we want to make this accessible to as many people as possible, with meal kit delivery in Alberta as just the beginning. 

B Corporation certified

As a certified B-Corporation, sustainability is always top-of-mind for our meal delivery service. Our Zero-Waste Kit, along with our commitment to no cardboard boxes and a collect-and-reuse system for ice packs and cooler bags are just some of the ways we strive to be more sustainable than our competitors.

Sustainable meal kit delivery 

We are proud to be leading the way for the meal kit delivery industry when it comes to sustainability, and launching our meal kit delivery in Alberta is a continuation of our sustainability journey. 

Since day one, we have aspired to reduce food packaging waste in our meal kits and have delivered in reusable cooler bags. After years of research and development, we also launched our Zero Waste Kits earlier this year as another pillar of our sustainability offering. 

Many competitors in the meal kit industry are enormously reliant on single use plastic and cardboard packaging. Our mission in BC and with our meal kit delivery in Alberta, is to make it easy for our customers to be sustainable, at no added cost, while providing an even higher level of convenience with an improved cooking experience.

With our expansion of our meal kit delivery in Alberta, we will offer the same eco-friendly packaging to ensure our commitment to sustainability is shared with a wider audience. 

We are also a Certified B Corporation which means we had to go through a stringent process to ensure we conduct business in the interests of the planet, people, and profit. As such, we are legally required to consider the impact of our decisions on our team, customers, community, suppliers, and the environment. With the expansion of our meal delivery in Alberta, all of these factors were considered and thoroughly monitored. 

Our meal kit delivery in Alberta will provide deliveries to the following cities: 

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Red Deer

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